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03-19-2013, 11:27 AM
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Originally Posted by bsl View Post

Habs are likely a lock for fourth with 3 wins this week. 2 Wins, probably. 1 win, barring an ensuing massive collapse, 4th or 5th is still very likely.

With 3 wins this week, Habs lock 4th for sure, and fight also for 1st or 2nd in east.

Therefore, the Habs will finish 1,2, 4 or 5.

Possibility 1: If Habs finish 5th, we likely play Ottawa, the only team right now I think that could take 4th from us. That makes me nervous.

If Habs finish 1st, 2nd or 4th, meaning Ottawa does not catch us or collapses:

Who knows. Could be Ottawa, Rags, Peg, Crapolina, or Laffs. My choice would be Peg or Crapolina in that case, obviously. Rags make me nervous too.

What is interesting is that at this time, it is very unlikely we play the Bruins or Pens in round one. In fact, unless we collapse to 7th or 8th, it will not happen.

Or, of course, Bruins and pens could also collapse to 7th or 8th, and we therefore finish 1 or 2, and play one of them, but nah, no way.

In summary, get ready for Ottawa, Rags, Peg, Crapolina, or Laffs round one. Make your choice.
Sorry to quote myself, but I have 'infractions', again, for swearing and being a ******* or something, and can't edit.

Here is one other possibility: Bruins play kind of ****, and so do Habs, and Ottawa takes 1st or 2nd, and Habs Bruins end up 4th and 5th, and play each other. You never know. But I discount this possibility. Again: Ottawa, Rags, Peg, Crapolina, or Laffs round one. Make your choice.

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