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03-19-2013, 12:33 PM
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Originally Posted by Jonimaus View Post
Which evidence? He wrote some stuff and you take it as evidence because you agree with it? I think you shouldn't.

I disagree with what he said, I for some reason hold a grudge against Russia/KHL and therefore believes that everyone from Sweden that disagrees with me must be a Russian. Check the website he linked, you can see how prioritized KHL is, not a single news about it on the front page. How strange when there's play-off in SEL at the moment, they could have written something about KHL instead, makes no sense to me! KHL has been around forever and SEL is just something new to us Swedes.

Check the biggest newspaper in Sweden, it has 0 news about KHL on the front-page, competing with the SEL play-off, world cup of skiing, play-off in Hockeyallsvenskan, and has not had one since the plane crashed. This for me indicates that Swedish media does not care, that the people does not care.

You come and say that I am wrong on this forum, and provide no evidence/links/anything. You can't expect to be taken seriously by me, because what I think is right must be right, and I need strong evidence to be proven wrong(while I might not even admit it then).
I took the liberty to correct your post from foul language and other strange parts.

It's true that there is not much news from KHL popping up in the Swedish tabloids at the moment, but you can't claim that media in Sweden doesn't write about KHL and follow our players there. I for one follow KHL from, Robert Pettersson's blog and the main news there.

They do also write about KHL in aftonbladet and expressen, but not as frequent as they write about SEL and Hockeyallsvenskan, and even NHL. But is this such a shocker? I have not even claimed anything like that. All I said was that they do write about KHL in Swedish media. To address your post that there is 0 news of KHL in Swedish media, which is false.

And yes, I am Swedish, 4th generation.

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