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Originally Posted by Av-merican View Post
Unfortunately I would too...but I definitely wouldn't get his jersey. Lemieux was also a man of questionable character, so I'd deal with it.

Plenty of NHL players who won championships were ********. Tom Barrasso, Eddie Belfour, and hey, Corey Perry all have their names on the Cup. Patrick Kane, Mike Richards, and Jeff Carter are little more than glorified frat boys off the ice, yet all three of them won rings too.

I think a deficit in character only comes into play when the player in question does little to contribute and much to disrupt...much like what we're seeing in Buffalo with Kaleta and certain players voicing their opinions that they're fine with him continuing to sit on account of his antics.
Exactly, you don't need to be a great person to be a great competitor and a successful athlete. I'm happy we had Lemieux on our team, and I would have been ecstatic to have a guy like Perry.

Originally Posted by Foppa2118 View Post
I don't know, I don't follow the Ducks too closely so I can't comment too much. There was a time where I thought he would be awesome on this team, despite the odds against it actually happening.

Then the more I kept paying attention to him, the more he seems like the kind of guy that would subtly bring down a room with his mood. He didn't actually get his game going again until they brought in the ultimate player's coach agains in Boudreau to stroke his ego. What happens when that stops working like in Washington?

I don't know, maybe I'm way off base, but the guy just seems like he's supremely talented and has all the physical tools but is a downer in every other aspect.
I'm not certain I buy that, while he definitely is a dick on the ice I'm not sure there's much to suggest that he's a bad locker room guy. He and Getzlaf both seem to be enigmatic players with big ups and downs and while they weren't happy with Carlyle at the end, I don't think any organization would mind changing coaches if it wound up in a huge resurgence from their stars including a Hart/Richard win. Most coaches wear out their welcome eventually. Bottom line is that Perry wins everywhere he goes, much like a Toews or Crosby.

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