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03-19-2013, 11:50 AM
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When I was referring to the Broad Street Bullies type hockey, I didn't actually mean the goon style. I was referring to that annoying "dump & chase" style that the Flyers of that era used. I know this because I've been a Flyers fan since their second year of existence.
Holmgren still acquires "muckers & grinders" to flesh out this team, and they still play that annoying and useless, ineffectual style of "dump & chase".
Knock-knock-knock, hello! In case you haven't noticed, the "dump & chase" doesn't work!
The "muckers & grinders" don't possess the talent to shoot and score. Yeah sure, they "work hard and leave nothing on the ice" as Clarke/Holmgren says, however they simply pass around the puck without actually firing a shot at the net.
Guys like Hartnell, Rinaldo, Talbot and his girlfriend Gervais, may be popular, but they're not very talented.
Holmgren traded away decent players, ( who won the Stanley Cup last season ), and made a desperation move of over-paying and signing an experimental goalie to an impossible long term contract.
The players on the Flyers with long term contracts are very similar to teachers with tenure. They fill a spot on the team without expending any effort. They're being paid a great amount of money no matter how little they do....and they're doing the minimal this year.
Holmgren needs to go! Now!!

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