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03-19-2013, 12:04 PM
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Speaking of false hope and high expectations bringing us down, there is no way AV is getting fired before the off-season. You're all better off coming this to this realization and accepting it. Wanting us to lose is just ridiculous; only Vancouver fans. The only thing losing will do is push us further down the standings and potentially cause Gillis to make an irrational decision that will be detrimental to the team past this year.

Whether we lose or win Gillis is well aware of our needs and its time that everyone get it through their head that AV is going nowhere anytime soon and that Gillis will not trade the future for the present. This is a horrible market to be desperate in and we should be happy that we have a patient and competent GM that always looks long-term and for the overall benefit of the organization. To think that one big trade will magically turn the team around and makes us contenders again is asinine.

Let's accept it for what it is and do the only thing we can do; support the team regardless of how frustrating it may be. Hoping we lose is pathetic and immature. Not saying you have to cheer or even watch but FFS let's stop being an embarrassment.

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