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03-19-2013, 12:05 PM
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I think you're looking at "tanking" in the wrong light.

This team has glaring issues. Issues that aren't easily fixed. We need a top defenseman that can be the corner stone of our blueline and be built around. We need winger depth, and we need better goaltending.

The type of defenseman we need is not one that is a plausible possibility through FA or even trade which the flyers have relied on for many years (and lets face it, to little avail).

This team is 38 years removed from its last cup. Obviously whatever we've been doing since the , hasn't gotten the job done.

The only team since 2003 who won a cup without at least 1 top 5 pick in the 6 years prior was Detroit in 2008. Boston had 1 (Phil kessel) as well as a couple top 10 picks. Anaheim, Carolina, Tampa Bay, Pittsburgh, LA, Chicago all had multiple top 5 picks as well as some top 10 sprinkled in that preceded their championships. It's a legitimate correlation to make.

Now don't get me wrong, I want to see my team succeed as much as anyone, and to accuse me of the contrary is simply wrong on your part because its not accurate. However, my opinion is that this team hasn't gotten it done in almost 40 years. Something is wrong there. You need to groom your own players to give them a reason to play for one another, you need to fill the holes that have plagued this team forever and you need to do it through the draft. Do I enjoy seeing my team lose games? No, of course not, but its necessary to the future success of this team.

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