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Originally Posted by CoopALoop View Post
That's usually what I tell my guys in front of me.

Draw an imaginary line from the slot to the faceoff circles. Anything inward, feel free to block as chances are my save selection for a lot of those shots are positioning and blocking.

Any thing outside I'm going to get 90% of the time.

I still leave it up to their discretion.

Another question: Do you guys feel more prone to block for certain teams, certain goalies?

I'm just seeing if my teammates are blocking more shots because they're losing it, or because they're becoming more willing to help me out due to my play. (not self-centered at all )
I should say that I'm still in my first year knowing how to skate, and am only playing 4E (5E is the lowest). Ultimately I just hate giving up goals. If someone has the puck inside the dots, I feel like I probably did something wrong to get to that point, so I'll sell out. Though I've been lucky enough to play with pretty understanding goalies (they know we both make mistakes from time to time). If I had a goalie who was an over the top jerk, while I'd still try to do the best I could, I may be a bit hesitant to fully sell out with my body.

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