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03-19-2013, 01:12 PM
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Originally Posted by Reverend Mayhem View Post
Man, I'd love me a player like Jeff Carter. He just brings a whole different dynamic to this team sort of like Kesler does. He makes us better because he gives us different looks.

As much as I'd like Hemsky here, it gives us the same look.
Totally get you here. But i think everything changes when Kesler and/or Booth is in the line-up. Both those guys love to shoot and driving the net and thrive with playmakers. If we add a Jeff Carter, we'll have a 3 shooters on a line and no passers. Going down our line-up, we seem to only have 3 'playmakers': Daniel, Henrik and Schroeder (maybe Kassian). For shooters/finishers we have: Booth, Kesler, Burrows, Raymond, Higgins and the way he's playing, Hansen. Note that I'm deviating between shooters and playmakers based on their skillset (if their shooting is better than there passing).

By adding someone like Hemsky (who may com cheaper), positional and player type requirements are filled. RW that's more of a playmaker.

I'm still all for getting someone like Marcus Johansson or Derek Roy. Johansson has been pretty bad this year but after recovering from his injury he's started to pick up pace (and he's a speedy playmaker). Derek Roy would only be available if Dallas feels they won't make the playoffs, but that would also make Jagr expendable...

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