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03-19-2013, 12:13 PM
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Originally Posted by massey View Post
Wow, You are a bit optimistic I think.I say 4 straight if;
1)Plymouth is on their game
2)Our one D man stinks up the arena still,

We do have a chance for a few wins if;
1) D man play some D instead of nothing but offence,
2)JP steals one or 2 games
Who are you referring to here? Regardless, using terms like "stinking" makes it clear you are hating on him (FYI, "hating" is a verb and doesn't necessarily mean you "HATE" him...just criticizing him)

Originally Posted by massey View Post
No where was the freakin word HATE been mentioned.Only by YOU.
DeAngelo,loaded with talent,u bet,read my posts
Makes mistakes,Absolutely,get your head out of the sand,needs to reduce those
Can he improve on them,Absolutely
Attitude problem,Absolutely but can change NOW
Offensive skills,one of the best in the league
Defensive skills,not so great,only when he wants
Young but can improve but only if he changes his ways.
No where in my posts does it say it was his fault every game
Read my posts,POTENTIALLY could be one of the best defenceman in the OHL
Again where the hell do you see hate here.
I pay my 1600.00 plus for my season tickets,Yes I am going to be a bit critical of some players making numerous mistakes over and over and over again in my posts.Again where do i say I hate the young kids.Enjoy watching them progress,some will make it some wont.Love the guys who give you 110% regardless of there abilities.

DeAngelo's play being key to Boucher and Sarault success,IMO thats a huge overstatement.

Forgive me, I can't make sense of some of these sentences but my point was that it's tiring post after post after post after post (get the point?) to come here and see guys ripping on all the faults these kids have. Sure, you occasionally mention DeAngelo's skill but 90% of the time it is criticism. How about pointing out when he makes a great play or fantastic pass?

Maybe it's just me, but coming on these boards to read countless negative posts about a team, coach and/or specific players (over and over) is depressing. How about pointing out the positives the coach, team or players do? The negativity surrounds this franchise and if you don't think the players feel it then you are wrong.

Originally Posted by massey View Post
DeAngelo's play being key to Boucher and Sarault success,IMO thats a huge overstatement.
An overstatement? Really? When 36% of Sarault's points and 30% of Boucher's points come via the powerplay and 52% of DeAngelo's points come with the man advantage then I would say that DeAngelo was key to their success. Also, a huge reason the Sarnia Sting finished 2nd on the powerplay (out of 1st by 0.1% efficiency) in the OHL. So yes, I would say DeAngelo and his ability to operate the PP contributed nicely to Boucher's league leading 21 PPG's and Sarault's league leading 33 PPAs.

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