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03-19-2013, 12:24 PM
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Originally Posted by Ryker View Post
In the coming days, I will aware Pens fans of the existence of this thread, so that they can make fun of you when you say they're bandwagoners, tankers etc. As much as I hate those guys, I hate hypocrisy even more.
Explain the me the correlation between wanting your team to have a high draft pick to better the future and being a bandwagoner.

Nowhere did I say I want my team to purposely lose games. But what's the point of trading for pieces to make a fruitless run when we are not making the playoffs? I for one would rather finish dead last and get the franchise calibre player in the draft, especially this year, than finish 9th or 10th in the east, not make the playoffs, and get a guy who most likely won't make as big an impact as this team needs.

Are people really that thick skulled that they'll gladly accept 40 more years of mediocrity and falling short as long as we maintain our "pride" in that we can say "we aren't tankers! We don't get high draft picks! We just make the playoffs and get bounced in the second round every year! YEAH!".

I for one am sick of it. I want something to look forward to with this team other than more of the same. But does that mean I'm going to throw in the towel? Stop watching games if nothing changes? **** no. I'm as orange blooded as they come, but would it be nice to finally have a prospect like Seth jones who can potentially be the type of franchise defenseman that this team has never had? Absolutely.

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