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03-19-2013, 01:24 PM
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Originally Posted by Tripod View Post
Being from Halifax and watching is my take.
MacKinnon was the concensus #1 ranked player for Quebec draft
Halifax made trades to get him...then also to get Drouin at #2
(side note-Halifax got Frucale #11. This is a draft the Flyers need!!! )
Then at age 16 Mackinnon was all the talk and didn't disappoint scoring at 1.34 PPG as a 16 year old and had over half the year without Drouin(under a PPG) around. Then Halifax went on unexpected playoff run creating more buzz for both.

Mackinnon has always been considered the better of the 2 and until recently, it wasn't much in doubt. I think it has more to do with Drouin just putting up crazy #'s this year and of course the World Jr's.

Mackinnon has speed that Drouin can't touch. And even though it seems like they are listed as similar height and weight, Mackinnon hits WAY more. And with his better speed, he seperates the player from puck with those hits. Whereas Drouin is more likely to go to that same player, and steal the puck from him by using his stickhandling ability. I compare Mac to Crosby for style of play. He is certainly way stronger than Drouin.

I think the big thing is overexposure for Mac. People have been talking about him since Bantam as the "next great player". I just think that this year, Drouin's crazy point totals has brought him WAY up into the discussion, rather than MacK slipping...if that makes sense.
This is probably going to seem odd, but I think I'd rather have the player that hits way less, provided he isn't a soft mush. You can have guys that hit that aren't your top players. I'm just biased I think because I saw how banged up Richards has gotten, and how Utley (not hitting but plays ultra hard for baseball) has shortened an otherwise likely hall of fame career. As long as the player isn't soft, I have no problem with a lack of hitting if you're a top player.

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