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Originally Posted by hockeyfanz View Post
You are right..what a dumb argument. When was the last time you saw a "rat" fighting a behemoth goon? Answer. Never. Rats are seldom in that weight class if ever. If Cooke runs somebody's face into the glass on the Leafs. Fraser McLaren will be looking for Pittsburgh's behemoth sideshow to pummel...knowing full well Matt Cooke would never in his right mind fight with a guy 30 pounds heavier and known for his knockout punch. So how is carrying a goon deterring guys like Kaleta/Cooke etc.. again? And if it were a deterrent why do these rats exist? Its all BS to appease the blood thirsty fans. Just call it what it is.

The key to Matt Cooke would be a Darcy Tucker in his prime. You tell Tucker to go out and run Cooke's face into the boards or take his knees out. Now that is something I can see as a good strategy or deterrent.

Intentially injuring another player is never good strategy, but if some players(Matt Cooke) are going to live by the sword they should be prepared to die by the sword.

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