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03-19-2013, 12:30 PM
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Originally Posted by Ziggy Stardust View Post
You need to brush up on the rules. This summer is the last opportunity teams will have to use a compliance buyout. You can't buyout an injured player, so your fantasy scenario doesn't fly with Pronger's contract magically disappearing. He's a 35+ contract. Best they could do is LTIR on him, but they're stuck paying him.

Let's say best case scenario, they sign Giroux at $8M per season, because I don't see him getting anything less given that the max they can give him is 8 years. That's adding $4M+ in cap space, which isn't too big of a dent considering all of the players the Flyers have coming off the books in 2014. But those UFA players in 2014 are largely insignificant, and they'll have 10 contracted players on the roster for 2014, not including their RFAs that will have to be signed. That's a lot of holes to fill on their roster.
That's not correct. You need to brush up on your rules.

And yeah, the Flyers can't buyout Pronger, but that doesn't matter. He's just going to float on LTIR until his contract is up.

Originally Posted by Frenzy1 View Post
It is very easy to say buy player X out. But not so much on players with long term deals because you are really looking at large $$$. Briere would be 2/3 of 13 million. Bryz.. he is a tad more then that.

In Briere are essentially paying him 9 million to play somewhere else (and he can sign anywhere at a discount). Same with Bryz, but larger $$$. I have a hard time seeing a team give up 10 million per to players playing for a rival.

I get that Phili has large money available, but you are starting to look at way too much money for no return. It is fun to talk about, but man does that hurt.
The Briere buyout would be 2/3rds of $3m, not $13m.

Snider would easily fork out that cash if Holmgren got rid of Briere. Bryz is a lot more money, and a different matter entirely, but the organization has another year to decide what to do with him.

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