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03-19-2013, 01:55 PM
J Murda
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The thing that intrigues and excites me the most about the near future of the KHL is wondering what the rosters will end up looking like for new teams like Gdansk, Zagreb, and Milan. Obviously they are going to have to pretty much do an overhaul, and in these teams cases they don't have as many nationals that can compete at the KHL level as say Dinamo Riga does. They are going to have to sign players of all types of nationalities and I am very curious to see what happens.

I know Zagreb is known already for having a bunch of Canadians on the roster, but those dudes they have right now aren't going to cut it. I wonder if they will try to sign NHL free agents and career minor league players from North America, and if the KHL will garner more interest in NA if the expansion teams go in that direction. I know it's probably not a popular opinion here, but I think the KHL would be a better league if there were more Canadians in it. Having said that, I think that goes for all nationalities. It will only be a good thing for the league when people from over here start paying more attention.

The other thing I wonder about those teams is if they wont be able to assemble a competitive roster, even if it is a bunch of bush league washed up Canadians, and they end up sucking. It could throw off the balance of the league, and it couldn't be a good thing for a new, excited fan base to come watch the top clubs clean the ice with them.
Just imagine this group of hardcore fans having to watch SKA show up and kill their team 12-0. It would be sad.

This video contains a goal from center ice that is also pretty sad.

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