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03-19-2013, 12:56 PM
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Originally Posted by RedMenace View Post
Um, no, I did not say that. Not even close. Not even a little bit. None of those words EVER crossed my mind, into my fingers, through the wonder that is the Internet, and onto this message board. This is getting ridiculous. Are people here so eager to get into arguments that they just toss words into other peoples' mouths then go off on them about it? I mean, ****ing seriously folks, any chance we can give that a rest for a while?

As a response: I would simply be unhappy with two contracts that took up roughly 1/4 of the available cap space for next season. Granted, the cap is likely to go up, but how much is anyone's guess.

Hey, if they want to potentially handicap themselves for the future, that's -- quite literally -- their business. Simply put, I would not want those two contracts on my books -- and if that puts me in the minority, so be it.
you said teams "shouldnt pay stupid money for players."

that means you feel the Ducks paid stupid money for getzlaf and perry as both getzlaf and perry are players and the ducks just paid them.

what would you do as the ducks GM?

if this summer datsyuk and zetterberg were both 26/27 and ufa's would you let them walk? its all great to say no sign them for less but that only happens if they take less then the market dicactes they're worth and that rarely happens around the nhl. guys like perry and getzlaf and suter and parise and weber get paid and paid well.

this isnt arguementative by any strech just was looking for more clairty is all

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