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Originally Posted by GFORCE View Post
Eller, Bourque, Kaberle, Diaz and Emelin are the roster players added by Gauthier that are on this roster right now.

Cammalleri, Halak, Lapierre, S. Kostitsyn, Gill are the ones he traded out and who are still in the NHL.

To me, Diaz and Emelin do nothing more than replacing the insane amount of draft picks he gave up and that we could have used to get some pieces/young prospects by keeping them. You've then got Eller and Bourque. Solid players, but far from being HUGE difference makers at that point. There's interesting upside in Eller, but it is what it is; upside. He keeps improving, but knowing what a guy like Varlamov fetched barely one year after, it's reasonable to think we might have been able to get more out of him. As for Bourque, well it was a move done to add some size, but you still have to hate how he dealt him in the middle of a crisis, when the market at last year's deadline was definitely a seller's market.

Then you've got Kaberle, a move that was a catastrophy from day one. He's being paid 4.25M to sit in the pressbox.

He clearly didn't maximize the return on his trades.

Cammalleri vs Bourque
Halak vs Eller
S. Kostitsyn vs Diaz
Lapierre vs Emelin
Gill vs Kaberle

The Markov signature was, and still is a very risky one. Him also not taking any backup and counting on two rookies as insurance was a suicidal move on his part. The Gorges signature, as well as Gorges' contract was, and still is a huge question mark. It's almost 4M that are given to a player that ultimately blocks shots as his main contribution to his team. Don't get me wrong, the guy is useful, but I'm not a fan of giving 6 years, 4M/per contracts to guys who aren't a definite part of your core.

All in all, I respected Gainey's era way more than Gauthier's. At least, Gainey made some significant moves to improve this franchise. He got Pacioretty and Gorges (even though he's got too big of a contract IMO) for pretty much nothing, he was a huge part in drafting Carey Price, he got this team Kovalev, who was a very good player for us ultimately... All in all, one could say he was never the same after his daughter died. I think that's where Gauthier's term actually started. From then on, you could see the conservative, patient man Gainey was started to show signs of impatience and urgency. Tried to offer ridiculous contracts to BOTH Briere and Gomez in 2007... Traded plenty of assets for Lang and Tanguay who ultimately, yes, added offense, but didn't fill any particular need on this team... Went bat**** insane on the UFA market in 2009... We were not used to such a behavior from Gainey, and the day his daughter died, you could see there was a huge difference in his way of operating. To me, it marks the real start of the Gauthier era.
All true (though I disagree with the whole Gauthier took over when Gainey's daughter died, especially when Gainey took on even more responsibily in 08-09 when he went back behind the bench. Also he remained advisor of the team, which resulted in people claiming that he was still running the show despite Gauthier being GM which actually contradicts the narrative that Gauthier took over when Gainey's daughter died), but getting full return on trades or not doesn't change the fact that team is composed mostly of players they acquired and brought in.

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