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Originally Posted by metalfoot View Post
Given WA, and the PNW in general though, an EIS is no slam-dunk approval by any means!

I agree that Seattle is the most 'logical' destination for an NHL team re: the realignment. But Quebec fits the criteria, mentioned when Winnipeg got Jets 2.0 of the NHL righting old wrongs and coming home again. So does KC. So does Cleveland. Seattle never had an NHL team per se, just a Western league team back in the 1920s when the Western league was an equal foe to the NHL...
NHL has been wanting a team in seattle for years. We are finally going to address that one issue that has prevented Seattle from getting a team an arena. So you saying NHL should tell Seattle I'm sorry your not gonna get a team and go with a city like KC that has no one interested in bring a team there?

And EIS rarely kills a project. All it does is shows a pro and cons of the site and what needs to be done to mitigate those issues. All Hansen needs to do is throw more money into the project to mitigate those issues. Hansen knows what to expect from the EIS cause he did his own study of the site with his estate lawyer. Hansen has done his homework.

The EIS will not kill this project its rather or not NBA will approve a relocation to Seattle that would. NBA approving Kings sale to hansen's group the arena will get built. BTW the location of said arena is being built right next door to Safeco field 48k and The Clink 67k.

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