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03-19-2013, 01:53 PM
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Originally Posted by Bask View Post
Off topic a bit, am I the only one who was pissed at the Journal De Montréal this morning? the front page was a giant picture of Galchenyuk saying "Je vis des moments difficiles" (could be translated to something like "i'm having a hard time").

I just felt like it was an unnecessary thing to put on the front page, its these kind of things that drives the players out of this city over time

/end rant
First of all - great work, Roy, such attention to detail, most people get paid to do far less. Thanks for being a great board member!

Second, Bask, I haven't seen it, but holy fat Jesus that is some bullcrap right there! Innnncredible that they would write something so off-base and unnecessary. Chucky has been playing just fine, nothing we should be worried about (not like I have to convince anyone here, which means he's doing just fine).

They really know how to stoop to new levels. I forgot, in the SO against OTT, who scored for us???

"Je vis des moments difficiles" is one of their typical headlines that they trot out and in this case there isn't even an argument for it except that he hasn't put up point in a little bit. Otherwise he's been on our most explosive line and has by no means been a defensive liability. The scary thing is that papers like that give the readers who actually don't watch the games or follow the team closely to believe that the headline is true. It's propaganda, plain and simple and it's a good thing Chucky doesn't read that stuff. Would be awesome if he played a first star game tonight (not cuz I think he needs to step up), but just to shove it in their faces. Then again, they'd somehow attribute it to their own great efforts to give him a kick in the butt.

Let's just put Buffalo out of their misery. Is Kaleta a healthy scratch or will he be playing with piss and vinegar? (aka cheapshotting people)

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