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03-19-2013, 01:55 PM
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Originally Posted by cpsman View Post
They've seriously tried everyone else though.....Hall, Jones, Smyth, Paajarvi, Hartikainen.

Maybe the best solution is to just split them up for a few games then?

Hall - RNH - Yakupov
Paajarvi - Gagner - Eberle
Jones- Horcoff - Hemsky

Consider switching Smyth and Jones

The two pairs I generally wouldn't want to mess with would be "Paajarvi-Gagner" and "Horcoff-Hemsky"

I wouldn't change the PRV-Gag-Yak and HHH lines at the moment. PRV likes to play with Gagner, that's obvious, but lately he's also expressed that he likes playing with Yakupov although he said it takes some time to understand the movements and game of said player. I think they are already good but it may be good to keep Yakupov on the line for a bit longer, if what PRV says is true then it could be possible that this line, once this line figure themselves out, could be deadly.

Also I don't like moving Hall away from Horc and Hemmer. I think his very presence raises the game of these guys. Maybe I'm wrong but to be they seem to raise their game when playing with Hall.

I think that they should try to put Jones on the RNH/Ebs line for 5-6 games straight. He may be a bit off pace but there's a really good energy player in there and with a scoring touch. I know patience isn't the strong side of hfboards, or management by the way, but I think they need more time.

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