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Originally Posted by Killion View Post
Okay, well just for fun then, imagine if lets say in 67 a sort of "Hockey Panel" was put together, objective outsiders who had free rein to divvy up all of the players under contract at any level, trying to create competitive balance & parity amongst the 12 teams. Homogenisation. Sure, the incoming 6 wouldve been a lot more competitive, but overall, the quality at the high end would suffer being spread so thinly. The elite players, in not having team mates who could keep up playing down several notches. The game would have slowed down to a crawl even more so than it did, with no bright lights & champagne evenings in Boston, Montreal, on Long Island, in Edmonton in the 80's. One demands excellence in their choices of entertainment. I just dont see how after Toronto, Montreal, Chicago & Detroit going back to the late 40's through 67 that people would have been accepting of it, because as it was, it was bad enough that entire generations of fans were in fact turned off & tuned out.
The problem is in using O6 rosters as the standard to measure other eras by. The O6 was a pretty unique situation not just in hockey but in all of team sports in that the you had six all-star teams making up the league: Even the "poor" teams of that era were absolutely stacked by any normal standard. No era in any sport can come close to matching that kind of talent concentration that you saw in the O6. For that reason I don't use O6 talent concentration as the measuring rod: It simply was NOT a normal situation.

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