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03-19-2013, 01:56 PM
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Originally Posted by AndyPipkin View Post
^ I have a problem with her saying that she doesn't need to disclose anything. In a sport that where there is even more risk of contracting something from an opponent and being physically harmed, every piece of medical information is important.

That and the fact that she's basically using this to get attention...Otherwise she's a mediocre fighter with a nothing record.
I think she intentionally tried to hide this, as well. I do not know the reasons, though. It could be that she knew she had an unfair advantage and wanted to ride this as far as she could. It could also be that she valued her own security and feelings more than the safety of others. Regardless of the motive, it's a completely ******** decision on her part.

Prior to today, I actually was under the assumption Fox had disclosed this to the commission (or at least I didn't believe she was actively concealing it from them). I had figured she merely wasn't informing the fighters (which is obviously still wrong).

But her lack of disclosure to the commission is just disgraceful. It gives Fox a bad look and it gives the LGBT community a bad look. She's a ****ing ******* for not disclosing it and her statements on the matter reek of arrogance.

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