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03-19-2013, 02:02 PM
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From Elliotte Friedman's latest 30 thoughts:

. . .
Those five players have something in common: they're unrestricted free agents. There's a reason for that.

Does anyone want to take on salary?

The salary cap for next season is set: $64.3 million US. Spend a few minutes on Capgeek and you'll see there aren't many teams with a boatload of flexibility.
What that does is create a scarcity of available players. There appears to be no clarity on Jarome Iginla's situation as of yet. Some teams will wait to see if he becomes a rental possibility.
10. Boy, do teams love what Matt Read is doing right now, coming back to help the Flyers even though he is clearly in pain. Talk about gaining respect. If Philly does any business with Calgary, know that Flames assistant GM John Weisbrod has chased Read for years.
Bouwmeester for Read straight up would be awful. Read plus something, like say Meszaros, wouldn't be too bad. Probably fair, but probably not the type of deal the Flames should do.

Obviously, just about everyone wants them to target Couturier, who even despite his struggles this season, still holds a lot of promise. But Read, unfortunately perhaps, fits the MO of the Flames; he's young, but also entering his prime at 26. It's well known that the Flames are an impatient bunch; they don't want to wait through the growing pains that almost all prospects go through. Read could come in and theoretically contribute right away and thus, allow the organization to keep spinning the wheel.

Couple of major problems however. For one, the Flames are relatively stacked on the wing, and Read has primarily played in that position while with the Flyers. Now, Flyers fan say he's a natural winger, but his FO% is awful at 35% on the year, and by 26, he should be better at it. Even Schenn at 21 is doing a lot better with 45%. Secondly, acquiring Read would push Baertschi down the charts, making it even harder for him to get a spot on the roster, assuming Read stays on the wing.

But of course, judging a potential acquisition of Read would also be relative to what other deals the Flames did or did not do. If they say, moved Stempniak for a 2nd, and then Cammalleri for a centre, or even a defensive prospect, and then move Kipper or Iginla for a centre, it could work out.

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