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Originally Posted by Jefe88 View Post
Grabner is referred as having "stone hands" by Islander fans. He had one good season playing with Tavares, and he really had nowhere to go here at the time.
...his best season was mostly on the third line. He's such a great individual player that he can be a real threat in that role (whereas I don't think he gains that much playing with a more offensive line).

Originally Posted by mossey3535 View Post
We also didn't play the rest of the 2010-2011 playoffs the same way as we started playing them against the Hawks. Go back and watch the highlights.
All of the series started the same way when the Canucks were at home: The Canucks skating miles and hitting everything they could. The Canucks were ironically dominant physically until injuries caught up with them. The Canucks played a fast transition game, but the hitting was something that almost wasn't present through most of the regular season (partially Edlers injury contributed), and it threw other teams for a loop.

Originally Posted by Respect Your Edler View Post
We're like Ottawa after they lost to Anaheim.
Sadly, I think the team right now shares more with Washington after they lost to Montreal. Dominant team has an unlucky loss and changes how they do everything.

I agree that Ehrhoff was the biggest loss. Sadly, we almost had the perfect replacement fall into our laps in Justin Schultz, but he went with Edmonton. The Canucks now don't play a transition game anywhere close to as well as in 2011, and lacking a defenceman who will get the puck forward in possession every time is the key to that.

Ehrhoff also wasn't anywhere close to as bad defensively as people make him out to be.

Maybe Buffalo will trade Miller and we can trade them Schneider for Ehrhoff.

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