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03-19-2013, 02:19 PM
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Originally Posted by Wheatley View Post
This is actually a great point. Soccer is so slow and boring that people feel the need to get completely wasted during the game and yell stupid **** to keep themselves entertained.

Which is fine, but just don't bring it to a hockey game. Yell and cheer when it's appropriate, but respect people's rights when it's not.
what? Is this really what has happened to the Canucks fans. Its already in hockey...all the best fans in the league are known for that because of the noise they bring to an arena not for how quietly they watch.

Slow and boring?
I would watch that caps/crew match over 90% of the **** hockey Ive seen from the Canucks this year and Ive been a Canucks fan before some of you were even born.

The atmosphere at Canucks game is an have the right to shut up and be "that" guy but I have the right to make as much damn noise as I want.

The southsiders are annoying? Based on what?
If a group of Canucks fans got together bought a bunch of tickets together and sang and chanted all game long you would all be running to the main board telling anyone who could hear how Canucks fans are the best because of the great atmosphere in the building but because its a group associated with a soccer club they are annoying?

When your own players are calling you out in the media maybe its time you realized that the team wants you to cheer they on not just #makesomenoise when prompted by the scoreboard.

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