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Originally Posted by mrbitterguy View Post
all the av apologists that want to blame gillis for the state of the team, the current team has an elite first line, some tweeners, some elite 3rd liners, a deep blue line and ******** depth in goal. they should have a balanced offense and a rock solid defensive game. what they actually have is an anemic offense, putrid special teams and a leaky defense. if you don't think this roster can play any better than it is then it's time to just have the fire sale and work for a good draft pick. championship window closed.
hehe people would probably say I am an apologist, although the term seems to be use as a derogatory term on hockey forums... I see myself as someone who tries to look at these guys and see things from there point of view, and not use my emotional based reasoning to determine perceived performance. I think the answer can lie in the middle and is not as black and white as painted around here.

AV has got a stink roster at the moment, It has key positional changes, and so he has had to adapt, this is harder when the players are not putting a 60 min game together.

MG has had a string of bad circumstances that have prevented him making any moves with our assets. I will not get into It in the AV thread but I don't think MG could have done much more then he has.

Our team is going to go into the playoffs in this log jam, or just missing it. from there who knows, we get Kesler back, the team gets hot, anything could happen in the playoffs, if you make the playoffs each year then we are perennial contenders IMO.

This is not a fire sale...

Next year, Goalie gone, Ballard gone, Alberts and Barker gone, also a couple of forwards gone...

Jensen comes in to line up, Kesler and Booth healthy, all of a sudden we have a Great top 9 and a better 4 line then before, all energy, big hits and Pkers

AHL team moves to Abby, and we have a heap of promising prospects getting key roles.

We haven't even started talking about UFAs and return for the goalie trade...

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