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03-19-2013, 02:28 PM
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Originally Posted by KCjetsfan View Post
i would like to see kane and burmi back together. i don't have the #'s but i'm willing to bet that kane has been better with burmi than without.
Most, but not all, have had better results with Burmi on the ice than when he's not... for goals, shots and chances... but, I'm sure Noel believes that if he can get Burmi to play the way he thinks Burmi can play, than those results will be even better. I hope Noel is right because this team desperately needs players performing at top6 results other than Ladd, Little, Wheeler and Kane.

Originally Posted by Rook37 View Post
yeah, I agree. I don't get the hate. he's been solid so far imo, and 3pts in 9 games is far from terrible.

jetsfan, who would you have replace him?
Miettinen is a decent player. I'd say he's playing good enough to be a decent option for a 3rd liner in a top9 system. Problem is so is Antropov, Burmistrov, Wellwood, and Jokinen so far.
None of these players have performed in a true "top6" fashion IMO (although some have done better than others). So, Mittens being on the second line IMO is not really any worse than any of the other 4.

Originally Posted by tbcwpg View Post
I think he had to sit for the Ottawa game just because the team had been winning without him. I'd put in the caveat that it might have been nice to shake up the team after losing that lead and almost losing the 2 points on Saturday.

I don't know how you put him in the top 9 tonight, though, they have some decent chemistry right now. It's possible he jumps up after awhile.
I'm not a huge fan of the because you won excuse. I'm more a fan of them always trying to maximize their chances of winning.
It came to a trade off:
Burmistrov would have given them a better chance to win versus Ottawa (even without fatigue factors)
(IMO) Trying to improve Burmistrov by getting him to buy into the system
It's Noel's job to make that choice and he did. I may disagree but he's the coach and not me haha.

I don't know about about decent chemistry... In the last 4 games all 6 in the bottom 6 have been severely out shot and out chanced.
I think it's more he's gotta fight his way back to the top.

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