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03-19-2013, 02:28 PM
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Originally Posted by kevinsane View Post
That's it. I want noise that reflects what's going on on the ice. Not people mindlessly chanting "Bazza is a ******!" While the Canucks are penned in their own zone.
I think a lot of people find the Southsiders harmless but Madonna-esque. Fake accents and trying too hard to appear British when really it's just transparent and reeks of poser. It's replication, not originality.
Cheer, be into the game, react to the play, but no need for "The Night Pat Kane Died" or whatever else is on the Yob Playlist.

I've had season tickets for the Whitecaps for awhile and honestly could care less whether the Southsiders jump, chant or sat still.

I give them credit for bringing energy but alot of people go to games, whether it be Canucks or Whitecaps, just to watch and support.

My dad's English and he had season tickets back in the NASL and even he laughs at the Southsiders. Some people just want to enojy the game in their own way.

I do understand some chants are to encourage other people to join in but honestly most people outside of the Southsiders could care less about chanting at a Whitecaps game except little kids scream "White" "Caps".

There should be more reactionary chants if clubs really do want to emulate Europe as that how it is mostly.

I really don't care for hearing the same old songs and "I believe that we will win" regardless of whether to team is playing well and winning or like **** and losing.

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