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03-19-2013, 02:33 PM
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Originally Posted by Beef Invictus View Post
This sounds like the dilemna pointed out by myself and others last year; teams that have to play Carle a whole lot are probably teams that won't go far. If he's used in a complementary role, all is well. If a team has to cart him out in a primary role, something is probably wrong there.

The guy is a really good complementary player to a better defenseman. He just seems to be in over his head the majority of the time if he's asked to pull the load himself.
yeah, and Im not sure when he'll ever figure it out that he needs to put an effort in every shift...

He's been in the league for several years now, he needs to learn from his mistakes and progress, not just make the careless play just to avoid a hit or get it out. But yes, he's the kind of guy that if you're looking at your defense or powerplay and see him as your #5/6 or the guy fighting for that last spot, you've probably got a deep team in the playoffs cause he can focus on his play with limited minutes, well, this hasnt been the case for most of his career, and if a defenseman isnt brought in this summer, it'll most likely be the case for his team and himself another year. He's not a top 2, and Im not so sure he's suited to even get top 4 minutes consistently. He's good, but inconsistent and careless. He does his job, but thats about it, and its obviously asking too much for him at times.

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