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03-19-2013, 02:40 PM
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Originally Posted by Kadri43 View Post
He believes that it is a state right. If the state wants to make something as ridiculous as polygamy legal than it is that state's right. However, if he were voting on the issue, he would vote against it. He is simply anti-federalist at every level. A better term for him rather than libertarian is that he is anti-interventionism (which he labelled himself in Canada over the weekend). It is of his opinion that no level of government should intervene at all in anyone's personal life.
That's not true at all. He's said that if he were in California he would have voted in favor of proposition 8. He doesn't believe in a federal amendment either way (hence, anti-Federalist) but he's fine with states taking away their citizens rights based on a majority vote.

He believes, again, that states have the right to take away something that I view as a right. He is anti-Federalist. He has no problem with states taking away people's rights.

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