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03-19-2013, 02:49 PM
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I expect Loup to be in Buffalo at least for practicality purposes since he'll likely be the first injury callup for the bullpen. And because he's already shown himself to be capable at the major league level, so it seems more fitting to send him to AAA than back down to AA.

Carreno I also think could stick at AAA too. He might've been awful last year, but he was awful as a starter. He's a much better reliever and could probably handle Buffalo as a 7th-8th inning arm.

also Fangraphs continued its positional power rankings today with the OF spots.

Left Field
Jays Rank: 19th (Cabrera, Davis, Bonifacio)

One of the more shrewd signings of the off season, the Blue Jays pick up Melky Cabrera on the cheap due to what I’d describe to my rugrats as “bad choices.” The projection is a little bearish on playing time for Cabrera, who has been a pretty healthy player over his career, having never spent time on the disabled list. There is a looming cloud relative to Cabrera’s prior transgressions, however, and it’s been floated that he could be disciplined retroactively because all of this Biogenesis shenanigans. So the inherent skepticism in the projection is perhaps warranted.

Eyes will almost certainly be on his power performance as a Blue Jay, with many wondering if his recent spike in ISO as a Royal and Giant sync up with some nefarious science in his body. But Cabrera is still just 28, and knowing what we know about hitter aging curves it wouldn’t be completely out of, ahem, left field, to think that his power ought to be on the upswing. It’s true that as a Brave, his power was nonexistent, but that completely ignores the decent pop he had as a Yankee just the year prior

Time will tell. But for the time being, the Blue Jays have a left fielder in Cabrera that should give them good production for the next two seasons. Backing up will be Rajai Davis, who will presumably back up all outfield slots heading into 2013 unless Colby Rasmus falters, in which case it’s possible he falls into regular playing time in center. But as far as left field goes, the speedster probably won’t see much time unless the league finds more books to throw at Cabrera.

Center Field

Jays Rank: 25th (Rasmus, Gose, Bonifacio, Davis)

Like I said before, I was a big Rasmus guy but he hasn’t been able to put it all together yet. The 26-year-old has very legitimate power, but he’s a big-time fly ball hitter who doesn’t drew enough walks to offset the damage they do to his batting average and by extension, on-base percentage. Rasmus has a lot of talent and could really breakout at any given moment, but I’m no longer on the bandwagon.
The Blue Jays have plenty of center field depth should they need to go in another direction for whatever reason. Gose, 22, has speed and some power to go along with good defense, but he’s likely ticketed for Triple-A to start the year. The 27-year-old Bonifacio figures to see most of his time at second base and as a supersub than anything while Davis, 32, could wind up getting a lot more playing time than projected as a platoon bat. Melky Cabrera is another center field alternative, but he’s way down on the depth chart now.

Right Field

Jays Rank: 3rd (Bautista, Davis, Sierra)

Given his age (32) and injury history, it’s probably good for the Blue Jays that Jose Bautista’s backups are slightly better than Heyward’s. And you could say that Rajai Davis is a better corner outfield defender than he’s shown. With Anthony Gose still in the system, there are a few different configurations that could either serve to fill in for an injured Bautista or keep him healthy with periodic rests. And it’s worth trying to keep that bat in the lineup — even in a down year that was ended prematurely with a wrist injury, Bautista showed his customary power and patience to the tune of park-adjusted offense that was 40% better than the league average. He’s still got some great years in him.
And to continue the trend of noting the Marlins ranks for comedy:

LF: 30th
CF: 26th
RF: 1st (all on Stanton)

so with all 8 non-pitcher fielding positions ranked, Miami only stayed out of the bottom 5/6 once, all on the back of the only significantly noteworthy talent they still have on the ML roster. Ouch.


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