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Originally Posted by Blackhawkswincup View Post
That was never happening.. Salary Cap is never going away

And your solution would have meant goodbye South , Goodbye Ottawa/Buffalo/Winnipeg/St Louis/etc

Those teams couldn't compete without cap (Several having to be saved by NHL) they wouldn't be able to compete with uncapped league that allows Rangers/Flyers/Hawks/Leafs to spend 100M on rosters

I was sick and tired as a fan of seeing Oilers lose all there good players to FA before 04 lockout.. Everytime a star came up to FA they were gone to NY/PHi/etc

NHL was becoming like MLB ,, MLB is a joke with regards to the disparity between the big market and small market teams

This is just completely untrue.

Of course there is some correlation, but it is hardly "a joke."

Red Sox, Cubs & Phillies were all not-so-good to terrible last year and have three of the largest payrolls. There were plenty of good teams on a budget (Braves, O's, Rays, A's).

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