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03-19-2013, 02:53 PM
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Originally Posted by NYI JT91 View Post
Um lol first off calls go both ways, you win some you lose some. Your missing the point.. It's about principal and doing what's right and not allowing cheap scapegoat penalties just because.. It's the refs job to distinguish whats diving or an actual penalty, which no one can control but them. What the NHL can control is rules. So you'd be okay with (hypothetically) say 6 years from now game 7 of the SC finals JT has an open net with seconds left down a goal and him being dragged down and the player taking a minor but now you have say 3 seconds of PP.. I'm sure you'd be okay with that after the game ?

The point of a penalty is to punish a player for something he was not suppose to do a 3 second penalty does not reward the opportunity to make up for what should off been a sure goal, the lack of punishment just doesn't's total BS. Sports need integrity or you lose all point in the game or you not watching the better team win your watching the cheaters and teams best taking advantage of loopholes win.

Football has it right... If time runs out during a play but a player takes a penalty the penalty gets fully enforced and the down gets replayed. Full punishment is served, As it should be in hockey. You have a right to your opinion but I want to see the best team win not the best manipulators win.
It's hockey. You do what it takes to win. If we're defending the one goal lead and Crosby has a quick break with three seconds left.....and KNOWING THE NEW RULES dives when Hamonic taps just lost the series because of the latest great rule.

I can't agree on this. It's bogus, even if we might benefit.....though I'll remind you we lose more than win with the new rules given our relationship with refs and so on.

If Tavares draws a penalty at 19:57, we didn't play hard enough the previous 59:57. The game was played fairly and welfare rules are not needed to remedy the downtrodden who are losing.

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