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03-19-2013, 04:05 PM
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Originally Posted by RedMenace View Post
You are correct in reading that I would not have given both Getzlaf and Perry $8.25m and $8.625m respectively for 8 years (both with NMCs according to CapGeek). I think it's ridiculous to tie up ~25% of the Cap for the near future in TWO players.

That being said, in the case of the Ducks, I definitely agree that their hands (or wings?) were tied. Would I have offered them the contracts they got? No. I would have offered a smaller number ($7.5m max) for the max amount of years; I MIGHT have given one of them one of those contracts, but not both.

Whether or not that would have flown (pun intended?), well, who knows.

It's definitely a tough choice, and I don't envy the decisions Front Offices have to make sometimes (though they do get paid REALLY well to let criticisms roll of their backs). Hindsight is always 20/20, and in retrospect, again, it would have been a tough choice; for me, if all things were equal, I would have let Zetterberg walk and kept Datsyuk (always liked Datsyuk from the first time I saw him play), and tried to find a comparable via free agency or trade. It might have been a poor choice, or a great one, but we'll never know.

And I apologize for jumping all over you earlier -- and that mini-rant wasn't directed solely at you... there's just been too much "attacking" lately, and it's wearing VERY thin.

Hey, Brick, am I still on schedule for my rants?
allright i respect this post and a man that backs up what he say's.

I simply think going to July 1st hoping to sign key/core players to secure the future of your pro sports franchise is what leads GM's to by and large overpay for lesser players and is basically a failure of your mgmt team. However when it comes to superstars you spent time scouting, drafting and developing on your own and who are both so integral to your teams success today and tomorrow, that sometimes its both needed and warranted to do whatever you have to do to keep them.

I guess I just think what the Ducks did was the right thing

andddddd moved on..

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