Thread: Speculation: Contracts for Boedker and Smith
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03-19-2013, 03:17 PM
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Originally Posted by AP View Post
I wouldn't be surprised if Mike Smith gets the kind of deal lots of people didn't expect will happen as a result of not only what he did in the playoffs last season but also is given a free pass on his performace overall this season due to not only a short season but also the ownership mess as well.

One thing is certain though. If the Coyotes get back into the playoffs again and Smith pulls off another deep playoff run for the team; expect someone to pay out the ass for him if he is not resigned before the end of the regular season.
Smith's market value is tanking by the day. I hope he plays better soon. I wonder how Burke/Tip/DM would assess his play so far? I don't think he gets a pass for short season/no owner.IMHO, If he was a UFA today, he would get 3 mill and 2 to 3 years, total value 9 mill. If he plays better and plays well in the playoffs, he gets 5 mill for 5 years, 25 mill total value. I think his next contract swings (16 million) that much based on the next 19 games and playoffs, weather we are in or out. I bet DM would have extended him at 5 years and 4 million before this season started. A safe 20 million versus the predicament he is in now...Who would of thought...

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