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03-19-2013, 03:24 PM
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Originally Posted by Grod View Post
Your posts reek of pure ignorance. Calling me ignorant and racist is exactly what?

I will contest to the tenth degree that Eric or Jordan are much more complete players. I have watched him prior to this year. Interesting you simply look at his plus/minus as a direct reflection of his in your eyes seem selke caliber. Not too mention that you only reference The fans that have watched him for 20+ games versus Caps fans who learned his tendencies over the part of several seasons. That's purely laughable. I'm sure you could argue that ovechkin was also a complete player that didn't ride offensive strengths primarily with some of his plus/minus' in the past hey. Imagine Semin at centre? Not likely. In my opinion that would require far too much responsibility. And no it's not because he's Russian, last I checked Datsyuk is from the same country.

Parade your NHL fanboy love for Semin all you wish, just keep his playing style relevant. Hossa, really?

I'm not going off saying he is a liability but comparing his defensive play to actual selke candidates. If he was as complete as you seem to suggest why doesn't he contribute to the PK more frequently. Simply because its not his game. His work ethic or will is questionable at times as has been his back-checking which ironically can be used as a direct correlation here. Much the same as your cherry picked stat from this past season. In the same sense he can be effective defensively when he wants to be. He's a dangerous defender with his skill, speed and ability to pick the play. Consistency or his physicality are slightly questionable.

If your going to make racist implications I suggest you do some research first. History will say I have a habit of defending Russians not persecuting them for their national stereotypes.
Great post.

It's obvious the only Semin watching he has done, is watching the stat page on

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