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Originally Posted by kingsfan View Post
You, me and the 99% of the population that is normal, this would work for.

But considering its live, right in front of (I assume) 16,000 people, you just know some dumb, drunk jackass will pop off a question about Dry Island, or 'Why did you **** my sister last night' or whatever dumbass comment they think off. You can't even pre-screen the question, because what they tell you they are going to ask, and what they do ask, are different things at times. Ever heard a radio call-in show get prank called? Same situation.

A better idea would be to have some form of a questionairre that fans get/can pick up and they submit their questions in the first period/intermission into a drop box. Set up an electronic drop box for fans to e-mail/text/whatever their questions as well. Then just pull a few random ones and ask them.

"Jim Bob in section A, row... wants to know..."


"Wilma Flintstone from Bedrock, Wisconsin, is curious why..."

That way the fans can ask the questions, just not directly, and it always makes some fans feel good when they get a shoutout when their question is used. Only drawback is DanM is likely the one asking the questions, and it seems like you guys don't like him. I'll refrain my judgment since I haven't actually heard him.
I can only imagine the questions I'd send in just to hear MoriParty read them.

"Hey Brownie, want to go out back and see my Trans Am?"

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