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03-19-2013, 03:39 PM
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Originally Posted by playasRus View Post
How has Heatley been doing lately?

I'm thinking of picking him up in my fantasy pool before the deadline via trade.
He's maybe on pace for 40-45 points in an 82 game season? After an insanely hot start. So not very good.

Pretty much done IMO. Can't skate, has maybe one good game every 5-10 games, he's been on the third line for a while.

Originally Posted by rynryn View Post
i don't like the idea of rocking the boat right now while everything is rolling...I've agreed all along that Coyle isn't a first liner or the best fit right now up there, but no one else has been, either, and while some guys might be more productive on the top line the ripple effect on the other lines by replacing them is probably not worth it. Just figuring out Yeo's mindset here. Or opining on it. I wouldn't mind trying Bouchard up there because he's the only other guy with skill who we haven't tried, but probably not right now.

IMO if you are afraid to tinker with the lines or roster when you're having a bit of success, that shows you don't understand what is or is not working and why.

For example, the PP looks awful, but they've had some goals. In spite of over-passing, Koivu passing up shots, and Brodziak doing almost nothing on the PP.

Like last night, you had Koivu and Butch playing catch with the puck, neither a threat to score, and Stoner is out there as the PP is about to expire, just shoots it on net, it bounces off Coyle out front and off two guys and in. From the stat sheet, you think "oh, two big time playmakers set up a beauty play and Coyle finished it off." Well it looked like a cluster**** and waste of a PP up to that point. But that guarantees they won't make any changes for the next week.

When you look at the last few games, Wild scored on 15% of their shots. That's pretty high. Opposition has had 8% of their shots go in. A hair low. Says they've had some bounces go their way. They've been playing better, but still had some luck.

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