Thread: Confirmed with Link: Prison Break: Jake Gardiner Freed
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03-19-2013, 03:53 PM
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Originally Posted by gabeliscious View Post
i cant remember which leafs reported it was but on the radio yesterday he said that the leafs management are REALLY pleased with franson-fraser and that is the last thing carlyle is going to tinker with right now.

i suspect the pairings will be something like,

phaneuf gunnarson
gardiner koskta
franson fraser

phaneuf and gunnarson have played well together in the past. gunnarson is not 100% but even at 80% is better suited to play with phaneuf then anyone else imo.

gardiner and kostka played well on the marlies together. i suspect kostka will look much better having someone who can move the puck for him. kostka just needs to play defense and chip it to gardiner to get the puck out. a much easier task then trying to deal with one of our other defenseman who handle the puck like a grenade.

as mention, franson-fraser aint broke, no point fixing it.

woot woot

go leafs go

# booy ya
So now we have Kostka playing more minutes than Franson who has been one of our better d-men?

Honestly. Fans should stop with their lineups, it's embarrassing.

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