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Originally Posted by RayP View Post
I don't have the slightest interest in computers or know a damn thing about them at all, also not a Mac fanboy by any means at all... but ever HP, Dell, or IBM laptop I've had for work or personal use, I've never gotten more than a decent year out of it. I've have two Mac laptops, one lasted a solid 5 years. The other is 3 and still going strong. The one I had for 5 could have definitely kept going, I just really wanted a Mac Air so upgraded myself and gave my sister my old MacBook... which I think she broke within a week slamming it in her car door, somehow on accident. Sometimes I don't even ask for an explanation, that was one of those times.
I was a powerbook man back in the day. Had a G3 for a year then a G4 for two years. The G3's hard disk crashed almost the day after I purchased the G4 and almost two years to the day of owning the G4, it just ****ing died on me. I wasn't a mac fanboy so much as the main software used to for writing audio programs at the time was mostly OS stuff. A lot of my friends have had similar experienced with the death of their mac laptops.

Then, strapped for cash I went with an Hp. Ah, I remember soldering a penny to the motherboard to keep the graphics processor functional, good times. That was a short lived experiment and a year later I got a bonus check and picked up a higher end Sony VAIO. Aside from cosmetic issues it was fairly solid for two years but was stolen when my apartment was robbed last year, so I never got the chance to see what was left in her tank. Now I have a used thinkpad t410s with a little blemish in the screen I got $300 bucks, so far I love it far, it's my favorite laptop by a decent margin.

Computers are really about as predictable as cars. The problem with windows users is the general public refuses to learn a ****ing thing about how to not be an idiot with their machine and the PC companies THRIVE on that, in fact promote it with their pre-installed bull**** and certain obsolescing parts. Consumers click on every email and internet link, download all that free sofware that contains cute little adware, and the worst are the blowhards like my stepdad who just lay into the system settings to "fix" that dern thing when a photo takes more than a second to load. After a year of usage people will **** things up so bad that they're off to the store to buy a new computer, or even worse, take it to the "geek squad."

Actually, I had an argument with my girlfriend a few month's back when she decided to buy a Lenovo because her friend/co-worker who's "a doctor" said they were the best. I told her the only reason to go Lenovo is for the thinkpad, but no, she followed the advice of her "smart" friend and bought an awful consumer grade one for $900. First, it had battery connectivity issues, then it had some crazy issue where the system was operating at about 1/4 of it's normal speed and was sent back. Now, the hinges for the screen are both broken and she has to sit there holding the screen up!!

I am a bit repulsed these days by the droves of mac users under the impression their experience on facebook is different than that of anyone else. I died a little inside when an ex of mine announced she was going to giver her toshiba to her sister and get a macbook air, this announcement coincided with her being accepted to Vanderbilt for her PHD. The macs true benefit is in the nature of it's streamlined hardware to software to external hardware experience. More plug and play, less troubleshooting, and other users of the same machine aren't going mess up your ****. But, that really isn't an issue anymore. If people want to pay and extra grand because they think the mac is pretty and comes with built-in idiot proofing, by all means, luxury goods are what they are.

As a rule of thumb I tend to think that goods which are produced for business use are going to be more durable than regular consumer goods.

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