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03-19-2013, 05:02 PM
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Originally Posted by BinCookin View Post
Something Something "Parity"
Something Something "We like our team"

The salary cap system will create many teams of equal talent levels. And the idea of having "super" teams and "basement" teams is a thing of the past. You tweak Florida and Buffalo a bit, and their teams are good again. You tweak the Rangers a bit and they go from first to ninth.
Pretty much. I think the better teams under the current system are the ones who are able to surround their top/star players with cost-effective talent. Can't really overpay for bottom 6 wingers, can't keep guys around past their prime by giving them that extra extension(Todd Bertuzzi, please pick up the white courtesy phone), and need to work in your young guys early enough to benefit from their lower ELC cap hits.

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