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03-19-2013, 04:59 PM
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Originally Posted by AstroDan View Post
Ooooof. My head hurts. He looks good on the ice to me. Talk about paralysis by analysis.
Do you guys even enjoy watching hockey, or is it all about esoteric logic/statistics?
Not trying to spitball here, but I think his NHL skill is due to the NHL coaching he's been recieving.
I hate hockey. Every game I watch is pure torture. I like to talk in statistics because it weeds out the weak peasants like you.

I love hockey, I just also like having a way to attempt to objectively quantify all the things I can't keep track of while watching hockey. It's one thing to say "Player X looks good defensively by eye", and quite another to say "Player X starts very often in the defensive zone, but still manages to push play in the right direction". One can be disputed, one cannot. Anyone can say "Player Y is good defensivly", and anyone can conversely say "Player Y is poor defensively". Who's right? You can argue things by eye, but who has the time to pay attention to all those little details 100% of the time when you're trying to enjoy a hockey game? I'd rather enjoy a game, then look at it's underlying numbers, then try to see how I can explain the numbers with what I observed during the game.

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