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Originally Posted by thebus2288 View Post
Jesus I thought this was gonna be mostly positive comments. Couple things I wanna point out... Even without 1 very good offensive player/ELITE goalscorer this is pretty easily the best team we've ever had when it comes to offensive skill. We have just as many "top line" and "top 6" guys as MOST teams in the conference. Don't forget this group of guys really hasn't played that long together. We're also actually pretty deep, and unlike the past, this "depth" isnt led by 4th liners. Matt Calvert is NOT a younger version of Derek Mackenzie...not sure what the dude has to do for some of you guys to believe he can put points up in this league.
1- having the best offensive team we have ever had wouldn't be hard, but this year is not the year for that;

2- I would be hard pressed to name guys who would be sure shot top 6 forwards on a good team. Some of the crappy ones, well,like us you have to put some one up there

3- I'd say our depth is led by a group of 2nd/3rd/4th liners with an emphasis on third.

4-for me to believe Matt Calvert can put up (lots of) points in this league he just has to do it for a season. Same with Joey, CAM, Arty, Dubi,Brass, Umbie, JJ, you get the point. Some of the guys have to re-prove others are still waiting.

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