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Originally Posted by 17of26 View Post
So I've got a good understanding of the various stick characteristics : flex, lie, curve, kickpoint.

What I don't understand is what exactly you're getting with the more expensive sticks. Are they lighter? More durable? Better performing?

I'm a relatively casual rec league player (C to D level, 1-3 hours/week) so I can't see spending $150+ on a stick that could break at any time. I've noticed that some common price points are ~$60, ~$90, ~$120. What's the difference between the sticks in these ranges?
From the OP:

The cheapest composite sticks have a high fiberglass to graphite ratio, which gives high durability to slashes but poor performance. They bend and return to shape slowly, which takes speed off the shot, and often will have poor feel for the puck. They also tend to be very heavy, sometimes as heavy as a wood stick. The only advantage they have over wood is increased durability, but the higher price, poor puck feel, and lack of performance means I would not recommend them for any player.

High-end composite sticks are made exclusively of graphite, which is lighter and snaps back to shape quicker than fiberglass. These are the sticks of choice for most elite players due to their light weight and quick release. While these sticks have excellent performance, they are very susceptible to breakage, and often manufacturers will add layers of Kevlar to the shaft to prolong their life.

In addition to these ends of the spectrum, there are a number of sticks to hit various price points between them. Generally, the more expensive the stick, the more graphite and less fiberglass, resulting in lighter weight and higher performance. But even the best of these price point sticks can vary quite a bit from the highest end sticks due to construction differences.

In short, expensive sticks are lighter, better balanced, have better puck feel, and have better "kick" to them, but might be less durable. $110-150 is the sweet spot for performance to price IMO

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