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03-19-2013, 05:15 PM
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Originally Posted by sully1410 View Post
I hope they keep it going then. We can all agree that Joki is pretty useless on the point. Takes too god damn long to take the shot I think, or he misses. Its the one thing about the PP that is such and easy fix and its taken them forever to fix it.

Same goes for the PK. It has been outstanding lately, but it was **** from the beginning of the season and our biggest saving grace was that we werent overly penalized. That quickly changed and we were just lit up.

Had the special teams been fixed almost immediately like they should have been, we would handily be winning the SE division right now.

Both of those need to be firing on all cylinders if we want to make it out of tonight with the W.

i really believe that Jokinen down low instead of the point will make a huge difference in terms of production.
Yes because if there is one thing every team has had this year, it's been plenty of time to practice, what with only playing 3-4 games a week!

I agree that Jokinen has been bad on the point, and I expect that to change shortly, but to say they should have fixed the special times right away is a joke! They have almost no time to practice, and special teams isn't the only thing they needed to address.

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