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03-19-2013, 05:41 PM
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Originally Posted by pitseleh View Post
Yeah, Roy is a great player. He's easily been the best possession player on his team each of the last two seasons and wasn't far off prior to that. He's also shown an ability in the past to be a good PP producer, which is something the Canucks could probably use in Kesler's absence moreso than a good EV producer.


The problem with someone like Grabovski is that the Canucks have next to no cap space next offseason. Any salary they add now just comes at the expense of other players currently on the roster. They are basically going to have to trim off the non-contributors to get compliant as it stands, and so with someone like Grabovski, that upgrade is offset by the fact that they need to shed even more talent. The team just doesn't get much bang for their buck trading Luongo for a player making market rate.
It's amazing how 1 off year can sway people's perceptions of a player. There probably aren't 15 players in the NHL that have produced more than Roy over the last 7 years, even including his down year last year. And he's been quite durable as well, which is extremely valuable.

IMO Gillis should only entertain Grabovski if Nonis swallows $1.25-1.5mil of his contract. It would cost the team Booth but that's a good tradeoff IMO because Grabo is a natural centremen, is more productive and stronger defensively as well. Good engine too, to go along with Burrows, Kesler and Hansen's relentless puck pursuit. He would fit AV's system well.

I would much prefer to see the team carry a bunch of natural centremen that are forced to play on the wing like the Bruins do than be in a position like the Hawks/Canucks that have a winger move over to the middle whenever a top 9 centre goes down with injury.

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