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Originally Posted by quoipourquoi View Post
A point of contention was Fedorov having limited ice-time in Detroit because they were deep at center, hence sub-70-point seasons. Anaheim lacked depth, but Babcock felt Fedorov wasn't earning more than that same amount of ice-time - and Fedorov received typically less than 20 at the end of the season.
I personally think that, despite being in a Babcock scheme, earning the most icetime among forwards is more significant than comparison to however he was used in Detroit previously. But is it not of note that he was an 83 point player under Lewis the very year before moving to Anaheim - where he got essentially the same average icetime, as we've just explored?

Originally Posted by quoipourquoi View Post
As for your Getzlaf/Perry point, maybe I'd buy that had they not been demoted to the AHL during the season - and had you not been wrong about Fedorov playing on the 2005-06 Mighty Ducks. I mean, thinking that Selanne signed AFTER Fedorov was traded suggests to me that you don't know that much about the 2005-06 team, hence your belief that Getzlaf/Perry deserved equal billing with Niedermayer. None of them played a game for the Mighty Ducks franchise prior to the commencement of Selanne's 90-point Masterton season.
Woah, woah, who put a timeline on anything? Perhaps bad wording on my part. Fedorov was moved before the forming of what I refer to as the "Getzlaf/Perry years" of the Ducks - which, like I just explained in another post, was in full flow by the next season, and continues to this day - which was assembled in front of Selanne shortly after coming back to Anaheim. That explanation seems even more poorly worded, but whatever, lol. Obviously there was a Niedermayer and a Pronger in there as, well, but the point is also that Fedorov didn't end his career with those guys moving pucks behind him, either. Nothing even remotely close. And it was Fedorov's turn to deal with injuries as it turned out, on top of that.

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