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03-19-2013, 07:09 PM
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Originally Posted by JDrake View Post
I'm in the other boat, I don't care what position it is, elite talent is worth elite money
And that's probably the right way to look at it. My problem is that I'm still trying to find a way of looking at salary structures and pay scales, and the closest I can think of right now is the late 90s, where centers and D got massive deals. Guys like Jagr still got huge deals, but the old man in me says Perry's no Jagr.

With the cap/floor system, you're probably just going to have to spend, though -especially if players continue to not hit free agency.

Originally Posted by SoupNazi View Post
You're not remembering incorrectly.

I think the only people willing to offer Parise $100m+ were a few message board posters (and maybe Paul Holmgren ). I don't remember hearing of any offers that high actually given to him.
I don't think you need the sarcasm smilie next to Holmgren.

Originally Posted by kemisti View Post
No, the other way around.
Wait, so Parise turned down money to pay Suter more?

RIP David
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