Thread: TSN 1260: What's going on? Part 3
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03-19-2013, 07:29 PM
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Originally Posted by Truth Movement View Post
Well, here it is in Spec's own words via Twitter:

Mark Spector Sports‏@SportsnetSpec
@dstaples I fear Paajarvi beaten to Top 6 spots by 14, 4, 64, 93. No way he turns into the type of 3rd liner Oilers require. Not physical.

Mark Spector Sports‏@SportsnetSpec
@dstaples Unless he turns into Lehtinen, Pahlsson, Dahlen - or Ruutu - prefer N.American-physical there. Arvedsson? Meh...

Mark Spector Sports‏@SportsnetSpec
@mental_gas @Archaeologuy @dstaples Not sure I like combo of small Top 6, and all Euro 3rd line. Has to be 1 or another.

Mark Spector Sports‏@SportsnetSpec
in 8 more NHL games, Paajarvi will require waivers to go to OKC. Don't be surprised if he goes down w/Brown in. He's not a Top 6 NHL fwd.

Mark Spector Sports‏@SportsnetSpec
@Woodguy55 He might, one day. Meanwhile, too many Oilers players are all the same. Oil needs grit in Bottom 6.

Mark Spector Sports‏@SportsnetSpec
@mtoggel And isn't that the Oilers issue…? Need Bottom six guys who do more than try to create offence.

Essentially, Spec was not referring to icetime, but a belief that MPS was not good enough for the top 6 and not brawny enough for the bottom six (despite his impressive defensive awareness) and that the Oilers needed a bottom six less focused on goals and more focused on bashing skulls. He missed by a mile here and it's only one of many times.
His view is that the Oilers are too soft. Not missing the mark at all with that observation. You tried and still are trying apparently to represent that Spector doesnt think Magnus Paajarvi is worthy/good enough to play anywhere in the lineup on an nhl team.

That simply isnt the case from what I have heard when listening to the show. Again he was questioning the reasoning behind having Paajarvi up with the big team when he wasnt playing. That's it. Despite your cherry picking of tweets and desperate attempts to try and fit a square peg into a round hole.

You like Lowetide, good for you, he has been wrong about pretty much every Oiler player over the last five or six years, so lol @ you trying to pigeon hole Spector (who actually has a real career as a journalist/analyst etc) on Paajarvi.

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