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03-19-2013, 08:02 PM
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i do not think their has ever been tanking in any sport in the history of sports. if their ever was or is. that team is gonna become hated by hundreds of millions of fans world wide. in the nfl they operate without a lotto. they have several levels set up if their is a tie for dead last. and in the history of the nfl, their is not a single team in the leagues history that picked #1 multi times in a short span of years. no controversial lotto. the nfl does not need it. i prefer they way the nfl operates by not having a large media event night to snag ratings for a lotto. they have other events that can drum up ratings. the nba has some teams that are horrible year after year. a team like charlotte is a disaster in the nba. that is real bad and one can see why they have a lotto. can you imagine this squad with multi #1s in a short number of years, that team would still be bad, and the teams on the cusp of improving deserve a chance to do so, by drafting 1st overall. and then their is the nhl. part of the problem with that league was the way the lotto was set up. a team can be really bad for years, and snag some #1s overall. then this creates a suspision world wide that such team has tanked. the teams that fall into the category of suspected but unproven tanking would be the edmonton oilers and pittsburgh penguins. hopefully the nhl has fixed this problem with the new cba,cause if it hasnt this league is gonna turn into a laughing stock.

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