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03-19-2013, 08:05 PM
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Originally Posted by Crymson View Post
When you have an ex-teammate like Brouwer say Semin's work ethic was so bad that he often wasn't sure if Semin was going to show up to the rink, you know that something is seriously wrong.

And frankly, against all the evidence that he's a problem, you've got nothing but your own conjecture. And no offense, but that conjecture is worth precisely nothing.

Also of issue is that giving a guy like Semin a one-year contract with a yearly salary higher than Datsyuk's would have been rather insulting to the latter.
I don't know, all reports out of Carolina so far have Semin working really hard, and the players are thrilled to have him. Oh, and he's lighting it up, too. Could partially be a honeymoon-phase kinda thing, like Terrell Owens with every team he played for, but so far, so good for Semin this year.

And the one year contract thing- don't know if Datsyuk would even have an issue with an outsider getting more than him in a season, but as an organization in the current cap world- it's time to let that one go. No more "nobody makes a nickel more than #5" business. ESPECIALLY on a 1 year deal. And even with multi-year deals... athletes know this is a business, and generally the good/great players who sign the most recent deals tend to make the most $$. That's how contracts in a capped league work.

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